Happy Holidays

Sock of the Month Club

Socks designed by Unicorns

Made from real unicorn hair! (if unicorn hair was made of 80% combined cotton, 17% nylon and 3% spandex)
No unicorns were harmed in the making of these socks

We sent 100 pairs of socks to the AMAZING Nurses and Doctors here in LA.
Just a small gesture of gratitude for the hard work they are doing.

3 For $30 Sale!

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We are Temporarily Pausing Monthly Shipping

Our Sock of the Month Club is a bit different than anything you've seen before.
Why? Because our socks are designed by unicorns, combining original artwork with unique colors and an extra dose of fun. Crew style socks that are playful yet stylish. They really are just a delight.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, be a unicorn and let the world see a peek of your awesomeness.

sock of the month club

sock of the month club

Each month you will be surprised with a brand new pair of If Unicorns Wore Socks. Or choose our 3 Pack and get them all at once. Imagine going through bill after bill and then...BAM! Happiness and joy delivered right to your door. We have Happy Cows and Scared Chickens. Dancing Sheep and Flying Pigs. Sea Turtles and Sea Horses. Sock Monkeys, Emus, Gerbils and of course our mascot Bob the Unicorn!

Bob loves you

Our socks are durable, breathable, super comfortable, and some would even say magical.
(it's the whole unicorn thing)
Imagine combining super soft brand new white cotton socks with a dress sock.

Oh, and did we mention that a subscription to If Unicorns Wore Socks is like the PERFECT GIFT?
For you yes, obviously. But...
Birthday? Christmas? Graduation? New Job? Wedding? Finally found the perfect pizza place?
There's really nothing you can't celebrate.
You're a unicorn.

Bob says