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About Us

About Us

We wanted to do something different and special. Something that would bring fun, color, and happiness to peoples lives.
One childhood memory that inspired us to start this adventure was "Grab Bags!"

A "Grab Bag" was a plain bag with a surprise inside. Usually one for boys or girls and you would pick the $1, $2 or $5 bag. The real fun was not knowing what you were going to get. We want you to have that fun every month, so we created If Unicorns Wore Socks.

Like "Grab Bags" you choose if it's for a boy or girl, but instead of picking one of three prices you get three months of surprises!

Happiness and joy delivered right to your door.

And to keep it "Grab Bag" style we ship in a plain white bag so you don't even know what it is until you open it.
Double fun.

We have flying pigs, sock monkeys, happy cows, frightened chickens, dancing sheep...
You really never know what your going to get!

Photo created by the AMAZING Buffie Dobbs

And speaking of childhood memories, we needed some special art for our socks. That's when we found LA artist Rob Wheeler and brought him on board. His artworks child like whimsy was exactly what we were looking for.

He has a line of flip flops you can check out here

And Bob the Unicorn was brought on not only to design, but for his hair to make the socks. Thanks Bob. You did good.

Bob before and after